Spécial Signature

We always challenge ourselves to create innovative products and also include our unique qualities in those creations.

Please welcome and try The Little Prince Spécial Signature

Baby Shower Cake Pudding

Cake Pudding

Green Tea Velvet

The delicious and smooth Red Velvet now have a green twin! Surprise your taste buds with the subtle yet addictive green tea flavour.

Mille-feuille (read: Mil-fil)

Our latest addition to our products! Inspired by the Napoleon Era in France, now you can enjoy this “one-thousand layers of leaf” simply by ordering through us.

Chocolate Cream Custard

A definite MUST for chocolate lovers. Rich yet creamy with moist layers of delicious cake. Sure will bring you happiness!

Cheese Custard Layer Cake

Or if you prefer cheese, then try our sweet savoury cheese custard layer cake. Our special recipe is not very sweet but still give you the satisfying flavour of cheese, custard and silky smooth cake.

We also offer you cake with fondant icing finishing. Perfect choice for special occasion like Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation etc. Yummy cake with beautiful finishing touch, hmm, who can say no?


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